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FX Growth Accelerator: Facebook Marketing in 2017 (Exclusive Live Demo of iGAR Tracker, our very own Social Media Listening Tool!) | Oct 26 2017


Facebook marketing has matured from being a ‘fad’ to being an integral part of the way we do business today. This course will guide you through the basics of Facebook Marketing to more advanced strategies which you can easily deploy for your organisation.

PLUS: A special 45-minute live demo of iGAR Tracker, one of the world’s leading social media listening tool. Discover the true power of iGAR Tracker and find out how you can track your brand positioning; what customers think about your product/services, monitoring your competitors, how you can conduct research and MUCH MORE!

Eventbrite - FX Growth Accelerator: Facebook Marketing in 2017 (Exclusive Live Demo of iGAR Tracker, our very own Social Media Listening Tool!)


Fintech And The Law: Get Ready To Provide Legal Services For Fintech | Sept 14 2017


The full-day event will feature prominent speakers in the areas of fintech and the law, such as Senior Manager of PwC, Lum Kar Hoe; CEO and founder of Rene Bernard; Crowdo associate Philip Leong; Kapersky Lab South East Asia corporate communications manager Sanjeev Nair; iPay88 co-founder Lim Kok Hing and consultant Lim Jo Yan.

The event is held following growing interests in fintech and its vast implications on the legal profession. Participants can learn about how fintech is disrupting traditional banking; the rise of cryptocurrencies, peer-to-peer lending; cubersecurity and money-laundering concerns.

Boost Your Sales and Marketing In Tough Time Through Social Listening | July 7 2017


HCK Media’s newly appointed Chief Operating Officer Dan Loh led FMT’s team in demonstrating to the participants the unique features of the iGARTracker. He was assisted by Charles Wong, social media marketing pioneer and CEO at Astar Alpha & Cardpow and Ridzwan Arifin, FMT’s product manager.

Participants also took part in simulation exercises during the workshop to experience first-hand the various features the tool offers. Those who attended were given a free trial use of iGAR Tracker for seven days and one year’s digital subscription of Focus Malaysia, a top-selling business weekly.

The Fintech Future | May 23 2017


Emerging fintech is both a boon and a disruptive force to traditional finance practices. Join us in duscussion on the power and potential of fintech in the future economy.

Reinventing The Silk Road | Mar 10 2017


A discussion on the Belt and Road Initiative and its impact on Malaysian businesses. Businesses in Asia will drive the world economy. Join captains of industry as they meet to share news, views and insights about the future of business in Malaysia.